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What is different in this shop?
This online store is dedicated to sell selected artworks

by Dctr. Lukas "Cat" Brezak (Surgery Minor Kunst).

Can I buy prints from the sold out page?
Unfortunately not, these prints are sold out and are no longer available.

My print arrived damaged! What do I do
Please email: info@surgeryminor.com and include photos of the damage.
You will recieve a replacement print once the request is approved.

Can I get a different size signed art print than 

what you have available on the site?
It depends which artwork you chose and how much money you have? :D

When are new prints released?
Prints are released at a random (undisclosed) time.
Just follow any official Dctr's channels and you will be informed right in time.

How is my order packaged?
All products are handly packaged to be perfectly protected from damage and penetration.

When will my order ship/when will I receive my print?
Prints are basicly send as soon as possible. If you want special delivery service please let me know in note of your order.

For any other questions or concerns, please email: info@surgeryminor.com

Thank You for visiting and your eternal support by buying my work!

Your beloved
Dctr. Lukas "Cat" Brezak